Zack Huffman, son of Fisher Arnold CEI Inspector Les Huffman, Top Air Dominance Squadron!

Fisher’s Arnold’s mission statement centers around service – to our clients, our employees, and our communities.  We wish to extend our heartiest thanks and congratulations to Zack Huffman, son of Les Huffman, Construction Inspector. Zack is a member of the 79th Fighter Squadron (USAF) “Tigers” based at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina. The Squadron was recently named the top air dominance squadron and received the Raytheon Trophy at a ceremony held late last month. This is the first time that an F-16 active duty fighter squadron has been named the United States Air Force’s top fighter squadron and one of only three F-16 squadrons to have taken home the trophy since its inception in 1953.  Pictured is the squadron group at the August 28, 2021 ceremony and a picture of Zack with his sister Gabby sitting in the pilot’s seat. Thank you, Zack, for your service to our country and for everything you do for all of us every day.