Houston Branch Phase 1 and 2 ESAs

Fisher Arnold in Houston has performed approximately 140 Phase I ESAs on properties where a client was considering purchase for the construction of retail-fueling facilities (gas stations). These locations ranged from undeveloped parcels of land to active retail fueling facilities.

As part of the Phase I process, we identify potential on-site and off-site liabilities utilizing our depth of experience and professional judgment.

Approximately 50% of these Phase I ESAs have resulted in recommendations of additional assessment prior to purchase of the properties. Often the next step in additional assessment is a Phase II ESA.

In order to recommend Phase II ESA activities, we use the findings contained in the Phase I ESA for each property.
This includes identifying the aerial extent of potential contamination (number of sampling points) and the type of potential contamination (laboratory analyses).

Phase II ESAs can range from a few hand auger borings in a specific areas of concern to utilizing a direct push or hollow stem auger rig to install borings into the subsurface.

Following the boring activities, soil samples are collected for laboratory analysis. On sites where groundwater is encountered, the borings are converted into temporary monitoring wells. This allows us to collect groundwater samples. Once all necessary samples are collected and test within acceptable standards, our team officially abandons the wells and the surface is reclaimed.