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WaterResourcefulness predicates survival.


Among the most important issues facing our growing population centers today is the continuing need for an adequate supply of high quality drinking water, adequate treatment of wastewater, and effective handling of stormwater.  As communities grow and infrastructure ages, many municipalities are faced with significant and sometimes costly challenges to maintain these vital services.


Fisher Arnold’s engineers have extensive experience in all types of water, wastewater, and stormwater projects.  Our talented staff of engineers can take any project from the planning, design, and construction phase to initial operations.  Our team has expertise in all areas of permitting, loan and grant applications as well as development of operational and maintenance procedures.


Technology changes and advances constantly.  Fisher Arnold strives to take advantage of new technologies to the greatest advantage for our clients.


Fisher Arnold’s engineers take special pride in developing a strong working relationship with the client’s operations staff.  We believe the best projects occur when the operators and engineers are each part of the project team working together to create the most cost-effective and sustainable facilities as possible.