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Air Cargo Ramp Phase I Where do you want to go? 


At Fisher Arnold, our transportation team offers comprehensive traffic and transportation planning, engineering, and design services providing workable solutions to the complexities involved in the world of transportation.


For over a quarter of a century, we have meticulously designed, engineered, and ensured that any transportation project with the Fisher Arnold brand was designed with quality and safety.  People rely on a variety of transportation venues during the course of their daily lives, and our team takes seriously the responsibility to ensure these roads, bridges, and highways are both functional and safe.


Through our technical expertise, creative visioning and consensus-building, Fisher Arnold solves highly complex traffic and transportation challenges for government, private-sector, not-for-profit, and community clients. We combine industry-transforming concepts with more traditional traffic analyses and carefully implement these items with sensitivity to appropriate context and conditions. In addition, our Ei Model allows us to easily cross-supply needed attributes, such as safety and environmental protocols like NEPA, throughout the process, resulting in a total “one stop” solution for our client’s project.


We live and breathe traffic and transportation. Our specialized staff are leaders in the transportation industry, highly trained and qualified with the ability to apply expertise honed from our years and diversity of successes, in a multitude of settings resulting in the most efficient designs and solutions possible.