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Image of Bridge StructureSince the company’s inception in 1985, Fisher Arnold has earned a reputation throughout the U.S. as a leader in the engineering, and environmental spaces.

Fisher Arnold is well qualified in Precast and Prestressed Bridge design and construction, concrete mixture design, material quality control, and concrete durability and performance. In addition to design experience, our engineers have practical and field experience and are knowledgeable in detailing, specifications, fabrication, transport, and erection of precast and prestressed bridge components.

Our engineers utilize the Bentley software products and have design experience with precast and prestressed bridge and roadway components including foundation piling, bridge slabs and box beams, AASHTO and Bulb Tee girders, deck panels, precast wingwalls, precast bridge caps, precast drainage structures, prestressed strain and distribution poles, and post-tensioned pavement slabs. We have designed proper rigging, lifting and transport methods to assure safety, stability, and prevent overstressing. Our precast and prestressed designs have been used on highway, railroad, industrial projects, and airport bridges.

Whatever the challenge, whatever the need, Fisher Arnold can help. With our headquarters in Memphis, TN, and multiple offices throughout the U.S., our experienced team stands ready to assist you with any project need.