VEC Peavine Transmission Line


Fisher Arnold assisted Volunteer Energy Cooperative in selecting the right-of-way for a new 161 kVtransmission line to replace the existing line alongside Peavine Road that had to be removed due to road widening. 8 miles of topographic and boundary surveys were performed to design the new high-voltage electric power bulk-transmission line and to create easement acquisition documents. Construction easement and right-of-way easement estimates were created for the Tennessee Department of Transportation to receive state reimbursement. The line design consists of steel poles, 795 MCM ACSR phase conductors, OPGW shield wire and was constructed to RUS standards. PLS-CADD and SAG 10 were used to design this project. The survey involved forest, hilly terrain, lake crossing, and some pasture land. We solved boundary/easement and provided easement plats and description. The survey duration was 9 months due to multiple route changes and a lot of line cutting, and we added another team member just to clear the line.