Outage Planning and Start-Up Assistance


A major North American pulp and paper producer required assistance at one of their sites for an annual outage as several investments targeted for asset renewal were also taking place. The $60+ million investment faced challenges integrating the new equipment technology with existing processes and was compounded with knowledge gaps from a relatively inexperienced workforce. Mill management sought to augment local resources for the outage and enable some activities to become training and development opportunities for their teams, but this required knowledgeable professionals they could trust to minimize potential risk of project schedule delays. Fisher Arnold was asked to fulfill the role of Owner’s Engineer and was tasked with providing: commissioning plans for 70 paper machine and auxiliary systems with areas including stock preparation, wet end, and winder; administration of the operational acceptance review and commissioning process for all projects; management of documentation and record keeping; management of core projects’ punch lists; operator assistance with condition monitoring of critical systems and autonomous maintenance functions; provide operator coaching and take frontline role leading activities; and training commissioning teams to read and to understand P&ID’s.