Operator Training and Development


As a part of multiple capital upgrades a North American specialty paper and market pulp facility was undergoing, the Mill’s project team identified operator training needs to support the new equipment on a paper machine and in the coater area. It was felt that the documentation provided by the engineering and equipment vendors was not developed for operators and something more specific and tailored to the audience was required from a firm specializing in employee development. Fisher Arnold developed training content specific to the upgrades and the equipment discussing topics including Dilution Control Head box, Approach flow systems, White water systems, Fourdrinier and wire pit systems, Coater QCS and Drives.

The approach we take with training consists of a combination of relatable reference material for operators paired with both classroom and field instruction. As we tailor our solution to the needs of the site, we can plan up front to design content that already is familiar to operators and is compatible with existing systems. Along with the instruction, we worked in developing in-house subject matter experts, so personnel could have an additional resource at their disposal when addressing day-to-day questions.