Memphis Sports and Events Center


Fisher Arnold was engaged by brg3s Architects to provide structural engineering services for the Memphis Sports and Events Center at Liberty Park. The $40m, 227,000 square foot single story building is divided into two segments of roughly equal size. The southern segment hosts eight full-size basketball/volleyball courts while the north segment’s column-free space is intended for hosting indoor track and field and can serve as an event venue for concerts, conventions, or other similar events. The bleachers on the south segment can seat 2500 spectators. The two-story central spine located between each segment houses office space, press boxes and VIP suites.  Groundbreaking for this project commenced in June 2021 and the first athletic event was hosted in December 2022.  For this project, Fisher Arnold served as the Structural Engineer of Record.

The complex was designed around open spaces, and each half of the facility required specific structural elements to create uninterrupted expanse and views. We designed 18-foot deep, 290-foot span trusses for the events area, and for the sports area, which includes 8 basketball courts, 160-foot span trusses with 400-foot clearance, supported by a singular column. Maximum interior roof height reaches 60 feet and buckling-restrained braces were utilized to allow the building to withstand cyclical lateral loadings, typically earthquake-induced loading, and meet seismic requirements. Download the attached PDF for more information on the structural design elements, special and innovative design features, and unique challenges of this project.