Asset Repurposing Initiative


A multi-machine facility was targeted by owners for a $300+ million strategic investment. The plan was to repurpose an asset for a completely new product focus and increase the longevity of the operation. An investment of this magnitude had not been initiated at the site for over a decade with few local resources remaining having experience with a project of this size or familiarity with the new product. The mill’s owners recognized that not only was an investment into equipment needed, but also one into the workforce for the project and continuing operations to be successful. They sought out knowledgeable and experienced professionals to support their efforts and maintain project goals.

The mill’s project management team requested Fisher Arnold to fulfill the role of Owner’s Engineer and integrate themselves into the existing team structure to facilitate the project objectives and provide an additional experience base which local resources could go to for direction and advice. Other duties assigned to our team included: process engineering support on P&ID review and controls strategy development; identification of components and systems that were self-sufficient or independent enough to be ran prior to completion of all project construction activities; project engineer support role for various activities functioning as a liaison between design, process, and commissioning stakeholders; supplement the client’s engineering team to write commissioning procedures for start-up to maximize hands-on training opportunities for operators; and provide operator coaching and take frontline role leading commissioning activities.