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Information Systems Technician


This position has an opening in Memphis, TN only.


Fisher and Arnold, Inc. is seeking an Information Systems Technician for the Planning & Analytics Department. The successful candidate would enjoy a dynamic work environment with the opportunity and responsibility to impact hundreds of thousands of people every day.

The Planning & Analytics Department seeks to serve the public by equipping clients with intelligence which will lead to better decisions in the design, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure and care of public interest.
Ideal candidates should be well rounded team members who share our important core values. Candidates must be attending/have completed a 2 year Information Technology program degree/certificate or related experience with the understanding that rewards are the result of purposeful, hard work.

Duties will include:
Contribute to meetings, inspections, on site project inventory and other client interactions
Create or manipulate data and files in Microsoft Office software
Infrastructure improvement identification and justification
Power system planning, studies, and analysis
Project documentation and technical reports
Utility system simulation and analytics
Work, speak, make presentations, and socialize in large group or public settings.

Preferred Skills:
Knowledge of Windows Operating System
Electrical system mapping software (AutoCAD Map, ARCGIS, Smallworld)
Electrical system simulation software (MilSoft Windmil, SKM, ETap)
Familiarity with NEC and NESC
Computer/Relay programming knowledge

Physical Requirements — Must be able to:
Pass a drug screen and occupational physical.
Lift up to 30 pounds of equipment while loading and unloading vehicles and transporting equipment to the field.
Travel for long periods of time, one to eight hours, to reach the work site.
Walk long distances, along distribution or transmission lines.
Cross rough terrain.
Must be able to differentiate color.





Candidate will work in a drug free environment and will have to submit to an initial screening.

Competitive salary, excellent benefits include healthcare, vacation, 401k Plan

Please send resume with salary requirements to:

Fisher Arnold is an Equal Opportunity Employer