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Grants / Disaster Management Services


The grants group at Fisher Arnold supplies grants to a wide range of municipal, private non-profit, public safety, and educational clients throughout the Mid-South. FA typically will turnkey all of the projects including project organization, projection preliminary engineering, environmental, and application development. Our grant staff does not charge our clients for this service. Most importantly, our staff has an excellent knowledge of State and Federal grants, programs, and the key regulatory personnel responsible for those grant programs. Our success rate with winning grants is much higher than almost any other grant writing group since we only take on projects that we think will be successful.



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Disaster Management involves specific types of grants and the reimbursal of money spent following a disaster. The FA grant team is very well versed on what types of efforts are reimbursable and what funds are available to those affected after a “declared disaster.”


Our grants team can be available with personnel to inventory your damage and assist you in meeting with FEMA personnel. We can assist you with the necessary paperwork and can provide accounting or engineering oversight for necessary projects.