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Roadshow Tasks Fisher Arnold to Create a Unique Brand Look

Featured-Mini_DealershipRoadshow BMW of Memphis engaged Fisher Arnold Architectural to design a 6800 square feet showroom for their new Mini Cooper Automobile line. The stand-alone project will be co-located on their existing 9.5 acre site along Germantown Parkway in Memphis, TN.The narrow available street frontage and site restrictions created by ongoing business operations required an innovative and unique design approach that would generate separate visual impact along a busy commercial corridor. The challenge was to create a “Brand Specific” aesthetic that would provide a sharp contrast between the existing BMW showroom and the new Mini Cooper facility yet blend well with the overall site. FA Architects incorporated a unique combination of glass and aluminum to accomplish this task and created a design that is not only bold and tasteful but successfully incorporates form and function. The project is estimated to be completed by the Summer of 2014.